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Empire Summerhouse Pent – 16×6


The Empire Summerhouse is available in a large range of sizes, with large full height windows and lockable double doors.

The summerhouse is manufactured from 12mm shiplap tongue & groove timber, which has been dipped treated and is brown in colour.

The summerhouse is supplied with a tongue & groove floor & roof as standard. Both are also made from 12mm timber, ensuring good strength and durability.

A minimum of two people is recommended to complete the assembly.


Empire Pent Summerhouse

Adaptable By You

This Empire Summerhouse is extremely versatile, due to the fact that the window and door panels can be arranged in any configuration.

Tongue & Groove Roof and Floor

The summerhouse is supplied with a tongue & groove floor & roof as standard. Both are also made from 12mm timber, ensuring good strength and durability.

Secure Rim Lock & Key

This Empire summerhouse is supplied with a fitted rim lock and key to additional security and the confidence that your shed is safe and secure when not in use.

Secure Doors

The double doors of this Empire summerhouse are also made using dipped treated timber. The two full length windows are 3mm toughened glass, and allow maximum light into the summerhouse.

Galvanised Ironmongery

This Empire summerhouse is supplied complete with a galvanised door handle and 10″ galvanised Tee hinges. Galvanised ironmongery is coated with a protective layer zinc of prevent rust and corrosion.

Treated Timber

At Empire Sheds each panel of our summerhouses is individually submerged in a purpose built tank. The tank contains a specially formulated preservative, which will protect the summerhouse from the elements for up to 12 months. The summerhouse panels can be stained or painted should you wish to change the colour.

Toughened Glass

The windows supplied are made of 3mm toughened glass. The windows will already be fitted along with cills to prevent water ingress into the shed. The toughening process increases the glasses ability to resist shock damage and also be more resilient to temperature.

Premium Felt

All Empire summerhouses are supplied with a premium felt. The waterproof felt has a polyester backing which makes the felt much less prone to ripping and tearing. The felt is supplied separate from the roof panel and is easily fitted using the galvanised felt nails provided.

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Key Features

  • Modular
  • Tongue & Groove
  • Shiplap
  • Quick & Easy Assembly


Contruction Roof Floor Door Treatment
  • Cladding: 12mm Tongue & Groove Shiplap
  • Framing: 44mm X 28mm Planed and Rounded Timber
  • Windows: 3mm Toughen Glass
  • Ridge Height: 6ft 10in
  • Eaves Height: 6ft 2in
  • Roof Material: 12mm Tongue & Groove Cladding
  • Roof Covering: 20kg Green Mineral Felt
  • Floor Material: 12mm Tongue & Groove Cladding
  • Floor Bearers: 44mm X 28mm Timber
  • Single Door Width: 2ft 5in
  • Double Door Width: 3ft 4in
  • Door Height: 5ft 8in
  • Door Fastening: Rim Lock
  • Dipped Brown


Shed Size Roof Size Floor Size
4X4 53″x 53″ 50″ x 46″
6×4 74″ x 53″ 72″ x 46″
8×4 101″ x 53″ 95″ x 46″
10×4 124″ x 53″ 118″ x 46″
12×4 147″ x 53″ 141″ x 46″
14×4 174″ x 53″ 164″ x 46″
16×4 197″ x 53″ 187″ x 46″
18×4 214″ x 53″ 210″ x 46″
20X4 237″ x 53″ 233″ x 46″
4×6 53″ x 77″ 49″ x 69″
6×6 76″ x 77″ 84″ x 70″
8X6 99″ x 77″ 95″ x 70″
10×6 124″ x 77″ 118″ x 70″
12×6 145″ x 77″ 141″ x 70″
14×6 168″ x 77″ 164″ x 70″
16×6 191″ x 77″ 187″ x 70″
18×6 214″ x 77″ 210″ x 70″
20×6 237″ x 77″ 233″ x 70″


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