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Bike Sheds

Your Ride Deserves Empire Protection.

Are you constantly on edge, worried about your bike getting snatched? We hear you loud and clear. That’s why we have a premium range of wooden bike sheds designed specifically for your prized possession. Imagine a secure haven, shielding your bicycle from rain, wind, and worst of all, prying eyes. Browse our collection today.

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Your Secure Storage Solution, Crafted with Care

Crafted with premium 12mm pressure-treated timber, our wooden bike shed storage offers unwavering strength and weather resistance. A 15-year anti-rot guarantee ensures your bike shed or mobility scooter storage remains secure for years to come.


  • Superior Strength & Stability: Meticulous construction with tongue and groove design provides exceptional stability and keeps your belongings safe.
  • Peace of Mind: Water-repellent properties shield your valuables from the elements, offering year-round protection.
  • UK-Made Quality: Built right here in the UK, our sustainable sheds are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards.
  • Hassle-Free Assembly: Easy 2-man assembly gets your storage up and running quickly.
  • Timeless Design: Built with preserved tongue and groove timber, our sheds offer a classic aesthetic that complements any home
  • Flexible Storage: Choose between single or double doors to suit your bike storage needs
  • Reinforced Security: Ledged and braced doors with a Hasp & Staple lock and key access provide exceptional security for your valuable bikes
  • Built to Last: Black powdered-coated ironmongery ensures weather resistance and long-lasting durability


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What can you use a bike storage shed for?

A bike storage shed offers a secure and versatile solution for safeguarding your bicycles and cycling gear.

Here are its key benefits:

  • Protection from the elements: Shields your bikes from rain, snow, sun damage, and harsh weather conditions, extending their lifespan and preventing rust or corrosion.
  • Enhanced security: Provides a locked space to deter theft, especially compared to leaving bikes exposed outdoors.
  • Organised storage: Keeps your bikes neatly stored and out of the way, freeing up space in your garage or house.
  • Additional storage: Many sheds offer enough room to store helmets, tools, pumps, spare parts, and other cycling accessories alongside your bikes.
  • How much space do I need in a bike storage shed?

    The size of your bike storage shed depends on the number and type of bikes you plan to store. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Number of bikes: A standard shed can comfortably hold two adult bikes. For more bikes, consider a larger shed or utilising wall-mounted storage solutions.
  • Bike type: Mountain bikes and road bikes generally require more space due to their wider handlebars. BMX bikes and children’s bikes are more compact.
  • Storage needs: If you plan to store additional gear, factor in extra space for shelves, cabinets, or hanging racks.
  • Expert Tip: Measure your bikes (length, width, and handlebar height) to ensure they fit comfortably inside the shed. It’s always better to have some extra wiggle room for easy manoeuvrability and future bike additions.