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Garden Summer House Sheds 

Perfect for relaxing, entertaining, exercising and even working from home, these extensions to your living space can become whatever you need them to be and, what’s more, their use extends far past the summer month.

From a cosy 4ft x 4ft reading nook to a sprawling 6ft x 20ft entertainment haven, we have a summerhouse to match your wants.

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*All our summer houses are flat-pack delivered FREE of charge to most mainland UK addresses. With a quick lead time, you will be enjoying the additional space they provide in no time.


Your Trusted Provided of Contemporary and Traditional Summer Houses

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Crafted with Quality, Designed for your Enjoyment

We don’t compromise on materials. Your new summer house could be built with 12mm dip-treated shiplap tongue and groove timber. This anti-rot, anti-insect attack and water-resistant wood ensures a stunning finish that weathers any storm for years to come.

Choosing Your Summer House

Find the perfect fit for your garden with our diverse range of summerhouse designs.

  • Size Matters: We offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs, from a cosy retreat to a spacious entertaining haven.
  • Light it Up (or Not): Choose how many windows you’d like. From a windowed summerhouse to bathe the interior in natural light, or opt for a solid structure for a more secluded feel.
  • Doorways: Select a single door for a traditional entrance or a double door for easier access to furniture or larger items.

Whichever configuration you choose, here’s what you can expect:

  • 3mm Toughened Glass Windows: Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and ample natural light with our durable windows.
  • Enhanced Security: Rest assured your summerhouse is protected with a rim lock and key system.
  • Built to Last: The door lock, hinges, and handle are crafted from galvanised ironmongery, ensuring resistance to rust and the elements.

With so many options, creating your ideal summer escape is just a few clicks away!


Get More From Your Garden

  • Unlock Extra Space: Expand your living area without complicated planning permission.
  • Unleash the Clutter: Create a dedicated hobby room, play area, or home office.
  • Simple & Strategic: Hassle-free route to valuable extra square footage.
  • Boost Property Value: Expertly crafted summer houses add a touch of luxury that makes your home stand out.
  • Embrace Outdoor Living: Transform your garden into a green haven for year-round enjoyment.


How can a summerhouse elevate my garden experience?

Summer houses offer a world of possibilities! Create a home gym for year-round fitness, a dedicated office space to boost productivity, a tranquil retreat for relaxation, a haven for pursuing hobbies, or secure storage for your garden essentials.

What can I use a garden house for?

Garden houses offer a surprising amount of versatility. Here are some popular uses:

  • Relaxation & Entertaining: Create a peaceful retreat to read, enjoy a cup of tea, or entertain guests. Decorate it with comfy furniture and fairy lights for a magical touch.
  • Home Office: Escape the distractions of the house and get work done in a dedicated space. Consider adding power and internet access for a truly functional office.
  • Gym: Establish your own home gym for exercise sessions without leaving the garden. Think about installing flooring suitable for workout equipment.
  • Hobby Room: Pursue your hobbies like painting, crafting, or playing music in a dedicated space without disturbing the house.
  • Garden Storage: Utilise the space for storing gardening tools, furniture, or anything else that needs protection from the elements.
  • What should I consider when using my summer house as an office or gym?

    Transforming your summer house into a gym or office requires some additional considerations:

  • Power: Electrical outlets are essential for gym equipment and office necessities like computers and printers. Consult a qualified electrician for safe installation.
  • Lighting: Bright and adjustable lighting is crucial for both gyms and offices. Task lighting combined with overhead lighting can create the perfect environment.
  • Ventilation: Gyms will benefit from good ventilation to circulate air and prevent stuffiness. Consider opening windows or installing extractor fans.
  • Tip: Insulated summer houses are ideal for year-round use as a gym or office, maintaining comfortable temperatures regardless of the season.

    How can I minimise maintenance for my summerhouse?

    Invest in a low-maintenance summer house! We offer options built with dip-treated shiplay for long-lasting durability, saving you time and effort.

    Do I need planning permission for a summerhouse in the UK?

    Not with us. All our summer houses are designed to comply with UK regulations for outbuildings.

    Why are dip-treated summer houses a valuable choice?

    Dip-treated timber offers exceptional durability, minimising maintenance needs and ensuring your summer house looks great for years to come. Plus, our 3mm toughened glass windows provide superior strength and security.

    Can I use my summerhouse all year round?

    Don’t be fooled by the name! While summerhouses evoke warm weather, we offer insulated options that allow you to enjoy your space throughout the entire year.

    How can I secure my summerhouse?

    Rest easy knowing your belongings are safe. Our summerhouses come with a variety of door options, including single and double doors, all equipped with a rim lock, key, and galvanised hinges and handles for enhanced security and rust resistance.