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Empire 1000 Pent Garden Shed

Empire 1000 Pent Garden Shed

  • Ref: EMP1000
  • £300.00

Pressure Treated Pent Garden Shed

The Empire 1000 is a tongue and groove pent garden shed with a single door and no windows. This pressure treated pent shed is available in a large range of sizes to suit every garden. 

What is Pressure Treated Timber?

Simply put, pressure treated timber is produced when timber is placed under a vacuum and under pressure to force chemical preservatives into the wood. Many can wrongly believe that the chemicals are harmful to the earth, and indeed, up until 2003, that was the case. Now, however, under regulations put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency, pressure treated wood is produced using new chemicals that don’t harm the soil, but still boast the impressive benefits.

 The Benefits


Pressure treated timber is stronger than untreated wood and can withstand much more force. It is difficult to damage the wood so, when installed, it will provide a sturdy structure.

Long Lasting

Pressure treated timber is guaranteed to last for many years to come, thanks to its strength and resistance to fungal decay and insect/pest damage.


A More Environmental Choice

It is not often that something produced with chemicals is thought of as environmentally friendly, but pressure treated timber actually has many qualities that are beneficial to the environment. Firstly, preserving the wood uses less energy than alternative means of producing building supplies, and the finished wood can usually last longer than the other choices. Also, because of its longevity, there is reduced strain on the forest as there is less need for deforestation. A final benefit, the most used chemical in the treatment of pressurised wood is copper, which is produced as a byproduct from recycling and would otherwise be discarded.



As previously mentioned, pressure treated timber is impervious to pests, termites, and water, which makes the wood resistant to rot and water damage, and will therefore need significantly less maintenance. The timber can be installed and then forgotten about for a long period of time without worry.


Key Features:

  • Pressure Treated
  • Tongue & Groove Cladding
  • UK manufacturer
  • Easy self assembly
  • Fixings supplied
  • UK Mainland delivery
  • 15 Year Anti-rot guarantee
  • Usually delivered in 8-10 working days



  • Cladding: 12mm Tongue & Groove Shiplap
  • Framing: 44mm X 28mm Planed and Rounded
  • Windows: No


  • Ridge Height: 6ft 9in
  • Eaves Height: 5ft 9in
  • Roof Material: 12mm Sterling Board
  • Roof Covering: 20kg Green Mineral Felt


  • Floor Material: 12mm Sterling Board
  • Floor Bearers: 40mm X 25mm 


  • Door Width: 2ft 5in
  • Door Height: 5ft 8in
  • Door Fastening: Turn Button


  • Pressure Treated
  • 15 Anti- Rot Guarantee


Shed Size Roof Size Floor Size
4X3 52" x 41" 48" x 35"
5X3 64" x 41" 60" x 35"
6X3 76" x 41" 72" x 35"
7X3 88" x 41" 84" x 35"
8X3 97" x 41" 94" x 35"
9X3 111" x 41" 106" x 35"
10X3 123" x 41" 118" x 35"
4X4 52" x 51" 48" x 46"
5X4 64" x 51" 60" x 46"
6X4 76" x 51" 72" x 46"
7X4 88" x 51" 84" x 46"
8X4 97" x 51" 94" x 46"
9X4 111" x 51" 106" x 46"
10X4 123" x 51" 118" x 46"
5X5 64" x 64" 60" x 58"
6X5 76" x 64" 72" x 58"
7X5 88" x 64" 84" x 58"
8X5 97" x 64" 94" x 58"
9X5 111" x 64" 106" x 58"
10X5 123" x 64" 118" x 58"
6X6 76" x 76" 72" x 70"
7X6 88" x 76" 84" x 70"
8X6 97" x 76" 94" x 70"
9X6 111" x 76" 106" x 70"
10X6 123" x 76" 118" x 70"
7X7 88" x 88" 84" x 82"
8X7 97" x 88" 94" x 82"
9X7 111" x 88" 106" x 82"
10X7 123" x 88" 118" x 82"
8X8 97" x 97" 94" x 92"
9X8 111" x 97" 106" x 92"
10X8 123" x 97" 118" x 92"


  • Currently 12-14 weeks
  • FREE to most of the UK Mainland
  • Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to SCOTLAND


Our Shed Installation Service is unrivalled. We send a team of skilled factory trained shed installers. We ensure your building is assembled swiftly with minimal fuss. We take away all the hassle of assembly and installation. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your fabulous new garden building.

Total Peace of Mind 

Take advantage of our garden building installation service and get total peace of mind. By choosing us, your new shed will be constructed to the highest possible standards. Please read our guidelines to ensure that your installation is trouble free.

Complete Shed Installation

  • Our installation costs are based on the footprint of the building
  • Our prices are the same throughout mainland UK
  • We operate nationwide, except for Scotland and Cornwall
  • We aim to complete the installation within a few days of delivery

Minimise Disruption

From beginning until sign off. our team will make your project hassle free. We will organise all aspects of the installation, and therefore minimise disruption.

Customer Satisfaction

Our installation team will make sure you are 100% happy before completing and signing off the assembly. We woek hard to ensure full customer satisfaction on every job we complete.