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  • Not a DIY expert?

  • Simply don't have the time?

  • Why not let our professional install team build your new shed for you?

Let our installers take the hassle out of erecting your new shed. If you choose our installation option, you will be contacted directly by our team to discuss a suitable install date, as well as any potential access or assembly issues.

Once delivered, our team will arrive usually within 7-10 days, on a pre-arranged date to install the shed. 

Installation Terms & Conditions:

It is essential that a Firm and Level base be in place before installation can take place - this will be discussed between the install team and the customer prior to booking an install date. If on arrival, the install team finds that in their opinion  the base is not sufficient for any reason to support the shed, this may result in an aborted installation. An aborted installation will be charged at 50%. A revisit will be charged at the full install rate.It is essential that the base on which the shed is to be installed on is clear and easily accessible with sufficient working space around all sides before the install team arrives.  Failure to provide a cleared base with reasonable working space may result in the installation being aborted with a re-visit charge being required to be paid by the customer should another appointment have to be made.

If the access route from kerbside to base is particularly long or difficult to maneuver you may be required to move the building into position yourself before the installers arrive. Please clarify this in advance with the install team if you are unsure to avoid the possibility of a re-visit charge having to be applied.

It is essential that you have fully checked the delivery of your garden building to ensure that all components, parts and fixings are present and correct before the install team arrives (informing us before-hand should there have been any shortages) to ensure that they have everything required for installation to take place.

If your shed has windows our installer will pin the windows into place. It will be the customers responsibility to subsequently seal around the window frame, using silicone, putty or any suitable solution, to ensure a watertight seal.

The installation cost, does not include fitting any additional items, such as locks, alarms etc... Or painting or staining the shed.

Once complete the installation team will walk the customer around the build. Once the customer is satisfied, the job will be photographed and signed off.

Our installers will make every attempt to tidy the site once the build is complete, however they will not remove any rubbish from the site.

If you wish to discuss our installation service, please do not hesitate to call us on 01384 897257.